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The Beauty Project

 Full-Length Drama

Ensemble-driven movement theatre piece exploring the connection between violence and beauty throughout the centuries; what beauty represents, how it can destroy those who desire it and how we as a society battle and are seduced by it concurrently.

Created with the company of 10 actors, over 7 years.

Performed at SITI Company

Director/Producer/Creator: Sabina Vajrača

Producer: Ali Hanson

Costume Designers: Amela Baksic, Amel Mujezinovic


Ali Hanson

Amanda Barron

Eric Thorne

Jonathan Green

Julia Granacki

Maria del Puy Navarro

Tsuyoshi Kondo


Puffin Foundation Grant (2007)

Jerome Foundation — SITI Company Associate Member Grant (2007)

LMCC Swing Space Grant Workshop Performance (2006)

Tricia Brown Dance Company (2002)

Looking Glass Theatre's Hotter Than Hades Development Series (2001)

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Japan Lake.JPG


Full-Length Drama

Adapted for stage by Sabina Vajrača

From the novel by Alessandro Baricco

Told through an eloquent mixture of traditional Japanese dance, modern movement techniques, origami, and puppets, this original adaptation of an Italian novella by Alessandro Baricco, takes us on a journey of discovery, passion and immeasurable pain, as experienced by Hervé Joncour, whose travels from France to Japan in 1860's yield much more than the silkworms he was sent to buy. 

“Hervé Joncour bought and sold silkworms for a living.

The year was 1861. Flaubert was writing Salammbo, electric light remained hypothetical, and Abraham Lincoln, beyond the Ocean, was fighting a war of which he was not to see the finish.

Hervé Joncour was thirty-two.

He bought and sold.


Lavilledieu was the name of the town inhabited by Hervé Joncour.

Hélène was that of his wife.

They had no children.”

Performed at SITI Company

Director/Writer/Producer: Sabina Vajrača

Producer: Ali Hanson

Set Designer: Mikiko Suzuki Macadams

Costume Designer: Camille Assaf

Lighting Designer: Tyler Micoleau

Sound Designer: Mark "MuTTT" Huang

Stage Manager: Kris Diehl

Assistant Director: Katrina Bugaj

Choreographers: Yuko Hamada, Brendan McCall


(the entire ensemble played multiple roles)

Hervé Joncour: Jeffrey Frace

Helene Joncour: Ali Hanson

Hara Kei: Tsuyoshi Kondo

Hara Kei’s courtesan: Flora Diaz

Madame Blanche: Ikuko Ikari

All other roles: Amanda Barron, Pete McCain, Saori Tsukada,

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