Short Films



Drama / 18 min.

When a talented yet struggling actress Laura has an uneasy encounter with an A-list director at the biggest audition of her career, she has to make a decision of whether to take the role, or walk away from her dream. 

Director: Sabina Vajrača
Writer: Victor Alonso-Berbel

Producers: Miles Alva, David Aguilar
Production Designers:

Vanessa Branch, Kathy Stocker
Directors of Photography: 

Mikaela Supulski, Lina Li
Editors: Thomas Mendolia, Sylvia Wang
Sound: Chris Garcia, Margo Sawaya
Composer: Andy Gladbach

Original Songs by: Kelly Zirbes

Laura: Kirsten Kollender
Randy: Brennan Kelleher
Marvin: Ben Shields
Debbie: Leslie Stevens



Drama / 12 min.

Desperate to have children, Kate has been undergoing excessive infertility treatments, only to discover Bill has been hiding a secret that may change everything.


Director: Sabina Vajrača

Writer: Erin Kathleen

Producers: Erika Hampson,

Myriam Schroeter, Sabina Vajrača

Director of Photography: Eugene Koh

Sound: Thomas Popp

Editors: Joshua SarloSabina Vajrača



Kate Grendel: Rhea Seehorn

Bill Grendel: Klemen Novak

Lorna Carson: Dakota Baccelli 

Lon Carson: Leonard R. Garner Jr.



Experimental Drama / 5 min. 30 sec.

A woman works hard to break the loop of self-destructive thoughts only to realize that the way out is much simpler than she suspected.


Director/Writer: Sabina Vajrača

Producer: Joel David Santner

Director of Photography: Ron Trejo

1st AC / Gaffer: Benjamin Paulides
Production Designer: Ron Trejo
Editor: Joel David Santner
Sound Editor: Sabina Vajrača
Composer: Andy Gladbach

Unit Photographer: Sara Terry



Liv: Flora Diaz



Suspense / 4 min. 30 sec.

A woman is forced to confront the intruder in her house when she realizes there’s no way out.


Director/Writer: Sabina Vajrača

Producer: Xiaoyuan "Ivy" Xiao

Director of Photography: Mikaela Supulski
Sound: Jonathan Bower

Editors: Mikaela Supulski, Jonathan Bower
Composer: George Shaw


Woman: Mary-Kate Underhill



Drama / 7 min.

A retired elementary school teacher is confronted by two of her former students during the Bosnian War. 

Based on a true story.


Director/Writer: Sabina Vajrača

Producers: Shelby Adair, Sabina Vajrača
Director of Photography: Lars Struck
Production / Costume Designer: Sabina Vajrača
Art Director: Shange “Z” Zhang
Stunt Coordinator: Anne Westcott
Editor: Sabina Vajrača
Composer: Andy Gladbach



Hiba: Mira Furlan 
Boris: Edin Gali
Marko: Klemen Novak



Action / 2 min. 30 sec.

A vicious fight between a handful of women turns out to be a much more meaningful struggle. 



Sabina Vajrača

Fight Coordinator: Travis Sims

Composer: Andy Gladbach


Gray: Leah Magdalen

Green: Ashley Beth Rose

Red: Celina Lee Surniak

Blue: Dominique Van Wyk

Double: Nomi Wiersma



Thiller / 2 min. 30 sec.

When something strange attacks her in the middle of the night, a lone woman runs for her life in this intense suspenseful thriller. 


Director/Writer/Producer/Editor: Sabina Vajrača

Director of Photography: Eugene Koh

Sound Designer: Eben Mannes

Grip / PA: Harper Glantz


Woman: Sarah Jeanette Taylor



Suspenseful Drama  / 4 min.

When Meg’s boyfriend announces he is leaving her for another, her best friend Jess does everything in her power to get her out of the funk. Including an impromptu trip to Bosnia. 

Prequel to Summer Abroad


Director/Writer/Producer/Editor: Sabina Vajrača

Director of Photography: Adrian Correia

Sound: Aaron Miller

Composers: Nirvan Pistoljevic & Joan Pla


Meg: Flora Diaz

Jess: Lucy Walters

Woman: Amanda Barron



Dark Comedy  / 6 min.

When Bruce checks into a hotel suite on his trip to New York City he expects to catch up on some sleep and perhaps catch a Broadway show or two between his business meetings. What he gets instead is Olga.


Director/Writer/Producer: Sabina Vajrača

Associate Producer: Natalie Rodic Marsan

Director of Photography: Reed Morano

Sound: Ed Gutierrez

Editors: Natalie Rodic Marsan, Sabina Vajrača

Composers: Nirvan Pistoljevic & Joan Pla


Olga: Amanda Barron

Bruce: Chad Hoeppner



Drama / Fundraising Trailer / 70 sec.

A young Bosnian woman confronts her wartime rapist in modern-day NYC.


Director: Sabina Vajrača

Writers/Producers: Ali Hanson, Sabina Vajrača

Director of Photography: Reed Morano

Production Designer: Natalie Tyler

Costume Designer: Amela Baksic

Sound: Ed Gutierrez, David J. Schwartz

Editors: Ali Hanson, Sabina Vajrača

Composers: Jon Crider


Emina: Flora Diaz

Zoran: Jack Kesy

Jasna: Deanne Lorette

Nedžad: Laith Nakli

David: Jakob Von Eichel

Kat: Barbara Miluski



Horror  / 14 min.

Anna is determined to find a place to call home, but she soon discovers that New York City's realty market is satiated with sleazy brokers, strange roommates and scary dwellings. Even the perfect place she eventually finds has a secret of its own.


Director: Sabina Vajrača

Writers/Producers: Ali Hanson, Sabina Vajrača

Associate Producer: Natalie Rodic Marsan

Director of Photography: Gates Gooding

Production Designer: Mikiko Suzuki MacAdams

Costume Designer: Camille Assaf-Doshi

Sound Mixer: MuTTT Huang

Editor: Ali Hanson

Sound Editor: David J. Schwartz

Composer: Jon Crider


Anna: Ali Hanson

Sophie: Flora Diaz

Broker Anabel Rosettes: Amanda Barron

Jenny Pressman: Julia Granacki

Guy: Todd Lawhorne

Waitress: Puy Navarro

© 2021 Sabina Vajrača