Feature Screenplays



Original | Supernatural Thriller

A girls-only adventure trip to Bosnia takes a dangerous turn when a shy and quiet Meg and her free-spirited BFF Jess decide to spend a weekend at a charming spa in the country, unaware of its haunting past. 



Original | Grounded Sci-Fi

Dylan O’Mara was born with the ability to experience other living beings' senses, a condition known as 'qualia.' He meets Emma, a fellow neuroscientist at Harvard, and the two set out to create a machine that would allow everyone to experience this feeling of interconnectedness, a 20-year quest that will demand they sacrifice everything, even life itself. 



Original | Romantic Dramedy

Film novella in eight chapters following the amorous (mis)adventures of Sarah White – Painter / Lover / Accidental Heartbreaker.



Adapted | Family Adventure

Three teenagers stumble upon a 200-year-old mystery of an Ancient Egyptian tombstone hidden in their small Massachusetts town.

Short Screenplays



Original | Grounded Sci-Fi / Dark Comedy

Recently dumped by her boyfriend and stuck in a meaningless job, Max, a soon-to-be-40-and-single-when-all-her-friends-are-having-perfect-Instagram-worhy-lives everywoman has a sudden encounter that (eventually, when she’s stopped freaking out) changes her life forever. 



Original | Spy Thriller / Action

In this gender-reversal take on a classic Bond film, a top MI-6 agent – Jane – sets out to revenge her daughter’s death by tracking down the assassin who killed her, one thrilling spy-move and seduction at the time, until a chance encounter with the assassin’s daughter forces her to confront her own demons instead. 



Original | Dramedy

When a mouse appears in their kitchen, Omar, a retired Bosnian-American immigrant, must find a way to catch it before his wife, who is deathly afraid of mice, returns home. 

TV Series


Original | Science Thriller

(co-created with Katelyn Crabb)

When 15-year-old Dalian’s parents decide to use CRISPR technology to assure their next child is as perfect as humanly possible, Dalian starts having nightmares and seizures that just might be a clue not everything is as perfect with her soon-to-be-born little brother as everyone thinks.

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